All That We Do

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At DotPeak Marketing, our goal as a digital advertising company is to ensure the survival and success of your website. So by strengthening your sites online activities and ensuring they are in sync with your offline marketing campaigns, together we can create a powerful brand image.

Based in the heart of Kings Cross, our team of marketing experts ensure nothing but first class campaigns reach our clients.

Our Marketing Campaigs

Bring Users to the site -> Turn Users into Clients -> Turn Clients into permanent Members 

We utilize a wide range of web technologies and skills from our in-house team to create the most effective and suitable way to promote your business or products.

Whether our marketing specialists are detecting highly searched terms that will increase your page rank or engaging socially with your audience, we aim to put you in an advantageous and unique position when promoting your company.
To keep ourselves updated with latest technologies we regularly attend IT Training at Training Dragon and  at, HtmlTrainingCourses, PhpTrainingCourses and html5 training

Our team’s skills allow us to create a recognisable image for your brand and do so synergistically meaning customers will learn to instantly associate your marketing with your brand. This makes DotPeak’s service create our clients promotions not only strategically but also profitably.