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Mobile Marketing

There are over 100 million mobile users on a global scale.

This staggering figure proves that your audience, depending on their demographic and psychographic profiling, can be reached by this widely used handheld device.

Our mobile advertising company provides you with the insight and expertise to conduct sophisticated targeting and management of mobile campaigns.

Because of the sheer potential reach that mobile marketing has, companies’ media plans are beginning to increase the allocation of budgets for this type of advertising. In fact, in 2011 the amount spent by clients on advertising technique saw a sharp increase to £203 million.

Our experts at DPSeo have realised the potential for effectively delivering creative marketing campaigns on this platform.

With mobile technology continuing to develop and evolve, there will be no end to the innovative marketing techniques that can be used on this platform.

The fact that reports have been confirming this signals the potential of this medium. For instance over 30% of the population now own a smartphone meaning the total of smartphone users’ amount to over 20 million.

As part of an integrated campaign, mobile marketing can allow your business to produce consumer opt-in databases, boost online traffic, sell your products or services through a mobile site and much more.