All That We Do

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This paid listing programme (PPC) is also an advert creating device which targets your keywords and helps us manage your PPC campaign advantageously.

When you are on the lookout for a PPC management company, it’s important to find experts who have a wide knowledge base of how it works and the insight to forecast what will best in relation to your company.

PPC can be expensive (the budget might be around £5000) however if you are a small business or your launching a new product, this is an efficient method as your ad will appear on search engines immediately.

Some of the tools we may use to galvanise your campaign consist of:

  • Competitive keyword research tools
  • Local keyword tools – allows us to pinpoint postcodes, counties and more and combine these with your current keyword modifiers. This will increase your businesses visibility within your locality.
  • Keyword list generator, PPC mass ad generator and Google Adwords campaign tool
  • PPC ROI calculating software’s allow our team to help you allocate your PPC budget and see how much must be spent in order for PPC traffic to turn into profits.
  • Keyword list comparison software