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SEO Pricing

Once your site is performing well for search against your main competitors, all other elements seem to fall into place. DP SEO firm can make this happen for you. Whether your site is long overdue a SEO health check or the full works, why not check out our price plans.

In the first month of SEO we aim to:

  •  undertake an in-depth analysis of your websites metrics and keywords. Our experts will detect what is enabling your competitors to rank highly then use this to our advantage to create a unique dimension to your SEO strategy.
This analysis will incorporate:
Competitor keyword approaches
Website methods
Link building methods
Social media optimisation and content strategy
  • then we will spend some one-to one time with you in order to figure out and establish the best way to achieve your targets, pin down primary keywords and develop an ongoing strategy in regards to content, link-building and technical issues.
During this stage one of DP SEO company’s full time SEO connoisseurs will carry out the following tasks:
Build a campaign targeting directory submissions
Utilize the online dynamic power tool of blogging – getting customers talking about your brand
Construct realistic time frames
RSS syndication to ensure your content gets maximum spotlight
Copywriting – we have team of knowledgeable and experienced copywriters who are used to creating quality content tailored to fit your desired SEO strategy.

In the second month of SEO we will:

  • Carry out quality control on a regular basis to ensure all elements are in place and running smoothly.
  • Analyse the performance of your website to date. This entails writing up a detailed report on the progress made, key metrics of returning customers and increased clicks. This will enable us to gain the bigger picture of your overall sites performance so we can make further recommendations.

During the second month we will maintain an open dialogue with our clients, addressing any worries or needs so that we can effectively deliver a cutting edge strategy.

When the third and final month comes… HYPERLINK ""

This is when the rewards of our hard work come into play. We should be seeing movements in your search position as we continually refine the link building strategy.
This may be the most crucial stage of all as we will gain clear insights into how to make a deep-rooted impact to the campaign for long-term success.
After this three month process is complete, to keep increasing your success rate we will repeat the cycle until all of your expectations have been reached.

To find out about the price plans then give us a call on 020 7837 4852!