All That We Do

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SEO specialists at DotPeak craft your sites HTML codes, content and inbound & outbound linking structures to please the all-seeing eyes of the search engines.

We take apart the pieces of the puzzle, figuring out what on-site and off-site adjustments we can recommend.

Sometimes to see the bigger picture a step back must be taken. So initially we assess the pros and cons of your current SEO keywords, carrying out essential market research along the way to pinpoint the right keywords for your pages.

Our SEO experts know the science behind the search engine, so we can prescribe the best mix of techniques and technologies to deliver a winning integrated campaign. The accelerated amounts of traffic driven to your site will bring you not only the results you want but the results your business needs to overtake fierce competition.

No doubt you are fascinated with what goes on beneath the surface of our SEO process. So we have decided to reveal all, pull back the curtains, step out of the darkness and into the light.

First things first, our search engine optimisation experts will carry out background research into your market, website technology and structure.

Then we breakdown your sites metrics and keywords. We look closely at competitors to see what they are doing and how we can beat them at their own game. We don’t waste any time. Straight away we examine what you want to get out of your campaign and your goals so we can devise a strategy that suits you.

Some of the techniques we may use to optimise your website depending on your objectives are:

  • Market research
  • Contents improvement
  • Semantic XHTML
  • Internal and external links
  • Social Media Optimisation and devise a broader marketing communications strategy to heighten your SEO success.

In the first few meetings we will discuss:

  • your objectives and aims in detail
  • primary keywords for the campaign
  • how we will get you to the number one spot on Google and when we aim to do so by.
  • how we will measure and maintain key elements of the campaign and its effectiveness.
  • constructing offsite link building actions
  • how to devise a broader marketing communications strategy to heighten your SEO succes

We want our clients to see meaningful results as quickly as possible.

This means we target the most lucrative, rich keywords that promise results when executed in the right way. One of our SEO experts will dedicate their time to work on the offsite campaign by:

  • submitting keyword enriched articles to directories -setting up blogs and keeping healthy conversations flowing with your customers
  • we syndicate RSS feeds to ensure your content is seen by as many viewers as possible
  • our copywriters produce high quality, original content that will capture your audience’s interest and keep them hooked
  • social bookmarking and much more

The next stage will then be to implement the SEO campaign. This part will depend on what optimisation techniques you wanted us to employ.

Some of these may involve:

Thorough research to find the right keywords

By using Google Keyword Tool, our team of SEO experts conduct an in-depth market analysis to plan and identify which keywords will boost your optimisation plan. Several websites fail to boost their page rank because of poorly selected keywords but with experienced experts working on your promotional strategy, you can rest assured the right keywords will be chosen.

Enhancing SEO content

After keywords are selected, DPseo will go through your content and add weight to the keywords by adding the correct Meta keywords, Meta description, Meta title, headings, alt tags and many more.

We ensure that your website has as high standard of embedded semantic HTML. As search engines rank sites higher if they adhere to standard XHTML, our marketing experts ensure that every page in your website incorporates this code.

Social Media Optimisation

It is becoming increasingly popular for websites to contain their own blog, forums and news sections to increase engagement and interaction with their customers. Doing so builds a loyal database and will allow you to have a higher retention of regular customers. With current software we can create impressive blogs and much more for your website to boost its interactivity. This will help you to create memorable experiences for the customers when they visit your website.

Inbound & Outbound Linking Structure

This is normally the last stage where our SEO team build your internal links to boost the chances of search engines deeming your site as a valuable resource. The outbound hyperlinks will connect your site to other web pages so that an organic search engine page rank can be achieved.

Finishing touches

The final stages will involve evaluating and analysing metrics of success. To do this we carry out routine checks to maintain the SEO campaign so that your online performance keeps progressing. If this changes for the worse we will reassess the step by step plan, seeing where alterations can be made immediately. We might look at:

  • analyse metrics
  • review increased clicks, returning customers and overall site performance
  • see what we can do to improve your site further.